- Our Mission -


- Our Story -

LUMILITE was born in 2011 from a vision of a team of professionals with over thirty years of combined experience in the field of visual communication, design and construction of tailor-made structures. Together, we shared the goal of innovating the methods used in graphic communication though the use of innovative LED technologies. Our aim is to capture the attention with light and movement differentiating ourselves from the old, boring static images that existed up until then.

Born from this vision, LUMILITE is the first product that not only gives light and brightness to all images, but enhances them with elegance and functionality adapting to every environment in which it is exposed. No dimensional limits, shape or color, LUMILITE is born to give free rein to your imagination and to harmoniously accompany every project.

After more than 5 years and thousands of square meters produced, we are continuously improving all our products with the aim of perfecting every detail: from customized packaging, to customized instructions for quick and easy installation and extreme reliability of each component. LUMILITE today has become a complete and versatile system designed to be employed in all types of applications.

We are firm believers that visual communication, in this era full of information and images, should be oriented towards the search of the highest quality, both in terms of image definition and exhibition environment. For this reason, from the beginning and through continuous research of innovative solutions, we are precursors of new technologies employing cutting-edge solutions oriented to dynamic communication with the goal of being entertaining while capturing each person attention!.

Our team of experts accepts every challenge and complex project as an opportunity to demonstrate all the features and versatility of the LUMILITE system. It will be a pleasure for us to design and implement your vision.